Robot built to compete at the RoboGames 2010 in San Mateo, California.

This robot earned a silver medal for Team Spain.



  •  A pair of old geared motors
  • Encoders
  • Arduino
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer combined using a Kalman Filter
  • Two nested PIDs
  • XBee Radio
  • WiiMote
  • Body made out of a lab power source bracket

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  1. This is really fsirtratung to me. Why do we consider this thing a robot. There is no intelligence and it is remote controlled. What is the difference between this and car that is driven by a human.I also have a problem with calling industrial robots robots. Everything is programmed to the precise movement. If the environment changes the robot is ineffective. Until the robot can interact with an unpredictable environment, I do not consider it a robot. Maybe I am just biased because I am a cognitive science roboticist and not a mechanical engineer.

    • I agree with you in part. I think the term robot is overused, just like the term AI, we’ve been playing around with it for so long that it’s now a reflection of our aspirations.
      The reason why I’d call this a robot is because it has all the elements of a robot. It has sensors and actuators, and it uses both to achieve a goal. In this case the goal is to stand upright and not fall. In that sense the robot DOES adapt to a changing environment.
      The question here is: at what point would you call this a robot?

  2. Bret, the reason why the Seekur is under retmoe control in the video is because the ActivMedia person is doing a demo for someone. They also had the robot navigating on its own outside but I don’t have a video of that.Also, industrial robots are still robots and, in fact, depending on your definition of intelligence, they can be considered intelligent robots. These machines must observe the environment and act accordingly even if the deviation from some pre-specified plan is small. BTW, under some definitions of intelligent agent even a thermostat can be considered as one.

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