Category: 3D

Real time raytracer for optical design. Part Two

Added wavelength dispersion, scene graph for object hierarchies and some simple object control (position, rotation, scale)

Real time raytracer for optical design. Part One

Some early tests for a raytracer I’ve been working on. The raytracer is¬†written in C#. The graphics engine is written from scratch in OpenGL. For ray-triangle intersection I…



Laser renders

Light. Blender + LuxRender

Magnetic fluid. Blender + Cycles

  Fluid particles simulation using Blender. The toroid produces a field that attracts the particles. In order to produce a more interesting effect, turbulence and other disturbances were…

Hair particles

Smoke collision. Blender fluids

  A fluid simulation using Blender. Made with a smoke domain and carefuly chosen volumetric materials.